Often seen as a way to showcase the variety of beautiful handbags, shoes and clothing one owns, a walk-in closet or dressing room is one of those spaces that screams extravagance and elegance. While you certainly don’t need to own an impressive selection of designer items to create a spacious closet in your home, it doesn’t hurt to have a desire to keep your belongings in a tidy, if not elegant, space.

If you’re thinking of turning a guest room into a haven for handbags, scarves, sweaters, jewelry and the like, read on for seven steps to creating the walk-in closet of your dreams.

1. General Decorating
First, you’ll need to think about the style of the room. Dressing rooms should be comfortable spaces, a place where you can display your carefully selected or well-appointed jewelry, clothing and accessories, so think about how you can create an area that celebrates these items rather than hiding them. Choose a color scheme that complements your furniture and don’t opt for overly busy decor, as you want your belongings to do the talking.

Mirrors, plenty of storage space and a sleek look make it a cozy dressing room

2. Quality furniture

Built-in closets from a reputable company that will create custom furniture for you will ensure that your room looks as stylish as the items it contains.

Doors are usually left out of the equation, but if you can’t rely on yourself to keep your clothes neat and coordinated on a consistent basis, you may want to incorporate some doors, but only if you have enough space. A dresser should also be included, and you will need to think about the proportions of space you will need, i.e., if you have a lot of shoes and want them all displayed, you will need more shelves.

Opt for soft, integrated lighting and include a seating area.

3. Flooring

In general, you’ll want the tone of the floor to match the furniture to keep with the theme of keeping the decor calm to showcase your belongings. You can match wood furniture with hardwood floors for a really clean, crisp look or keep it cozy underfoot with a comfortable rug or carpet, either way, don’t overlook the floor as it really ties the whole room together.

4. Lighting

As with any room in the house, lighting should be carefully considered and you can have a little fun when it comes to your walk-in closet. Overhead spotlights are a great way to do this and will free up space so you can go high with the furniture without lamps getting in the way. Make them dimmable to create ambiance and opt for a central light feature, such as a statement chandelier for a glam spot, as well as lighting built into the furniture to make your clothes and accessories shine.

Intelligent storage solutions, color coordination and orderly maintenance are key

5. Somewhere to sit

A cushioned ottoman, a cozy chair, a modern bench: if you have the space, it’s certainly worth including a cozy place to sit, and if you don’t, you can always have a nook built into the wall to integrate with the furniture. This is where you can make a style statement and pose while consulting what winning outfit you’re going to put together that day.

6. Mirrors

Every dressing room needs mirrors, and a full-length mirror is a must, while at the very least, a smaller version placed on your dressing table should also be included. This is your haven, so make sure you have the most flattering lighting around your mirrors so you feel beautiful at all times.

It is highly recommended to keep your dressing room organized, color-coordinated and clutter-free.

7. Smart storage and display

Once the room is put together, of course, you’ll need to add your belongings, and it’s highly recommended to keep it organized, color-coordinated and clutter-free. Arrange your clothes so that longer items are together and shorter items are placed side by side and keep shoes neatly displayed, you could make small displays of complementary handbags and shoes and color-coordinated scarves on a shelf.

Smart storage solutions are key here so that items like sunglasses, jewelry, hats and the like are easy to access, but stored safely. Be sure to keep the room tidy and you’ll certainly have a space you’ll enjoy being in.