When it comes to a luxury home, it’s all about facilitating the lifestyle you want to live, and gone are the days when it was all about aesthetics. Today, functionality and ease are just as important as beautiful interior design. But with such an abundance of home technology accessories to choose from, you probably have no idea where to start, so we’ve prepared five options to add an extra dose of luxury this 2021 to add luxury and modernity to your home.

1.- A Cleaning Robot
Robotic vacuums have been around for a while, but today’s versions are more efficient and high-tech than ever. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, we have largely been unable to allow cleaning personnel into our homes and are becoming more reluctant to allow anyone into our homes even after the pandemic is over. So, if you have been feeling overwhelmed by your long list of chores, this could be the best investment you will make this year.
The Proscenic 850T is small and efficient, and can be voice-controlled through devices like Alexa or Google Home, and can even mop your floors for you. Quiet and organized, you won’t even know it’s there when you have other things to deal with, so you can join that important Zoom meeting and let it do its job.

It can be controlled by voice commands from Alexa and Google Home. You can plug them in and then give instructions, such as start cleaning, stop or go to the charging station, etc. (Skill Name: ProscenicRobot).

2.- Smart home security

Okay, this one may not feel like the most exciting new addition to your home, but it will give you peace of mind, essential if you have a lot of valuable items or are a high profile person, which could put you and your possessions at risk. Not only that, but it relies on an ultra-modern and sophisticated form of technology to keep you safe, certainly the future of home technology.
The Ring Always Home Cam works as part of a smart home security system from Amazon-owned Ring. This thoroughly modern accessory is an innovative new solution for home security. A drone that serves as your personal security guard, simply connect it to an app on your phone, which will alert you to any movement on your property, and you can remotely launch the drone to explore what’s going on.

Fuente: Retail Ware

3.- A Luxury Residential Elevator

There’s a lot to be said for living in a spacious home, but carrying your belongings or carrying furniture up and down stairs can be stressful and often exhausting. Having a luxury residential elevator installed can help lighten the load and make life easier, and the Stiltz Duo home elevator is an innovative solution that can be installed almost anywhere within your property.
With room for two people, it is compact and streamlined, allowing you to maintain the luxury and overall aesthetics of your home.

Installation is fast and can be completed with a minimum of effort in as little as 1 day.

4.- Fitness Technology for the Home

Fitness technology continues to be one of the biggest trends in 2021, with more options available to us in the comfort of our home. With gyms closed for extended periods over the past year, the industry has been forced to pivot to meet our needs, and some companies have taken advantage of the situation by bringing us their most innovative new offerings yet.
Sky Q, in particular, has been making waves in recent months, offering an integrated fitness app with more than 600 on-demand Fit classes. The Fit training platform has become immensely popular in recent years, with celebrity trainers and fitness stars leading their sessions, and its in-home technology add-ons allow for a fully immersive experience from the comfort of your home gym.

5.- Coffee on demand

As the trend towards ease and convenience continues, we can expect to see all sorts of new home technologies emerging in the coming years to meet our needs. The De’Longhi Prima Donna Soul is the perfect way to transform your mornings and will connect to an app on your smartphone: roasting your beans on demand and steaming fresh milk to brew your favorite drinks barista-style whenever the mood strikes.

Whether you want a cup of coffee very early in the morning or to move large objects, having technological devices at home not only gives a touch of modernity to your home, but also provides greater functionality and ease for the operation of your home. Let us know which of these technological devices will be of great help to your home.